netsrikeel1 (netsrikeel1) wrote in fml_fandom,

So I wrote some fanfic in the POV of a teenager with the mouth of a sailor giving commentary on being stuck in an asylum cell with an insane cellmate that explains how the commentator is going to be horribly violated and sold for a pack of smokes, prison-style. With 'fuck' in every sentence in some way or another.

I wrote it on my school laptop and accidentally hit 'print' instead of 'save', because the buttons are right next to each other.

It printed off at my high school without my knowledge.

One of my teachers picked it up, saw it was mine, and then gave it to my math teacher, whom I adore and who now definitely judges me over it.

Now the entire staff and office personnel know I write with a 'voice' like a drunken sailor, and since the narrator has rage issues, are convinced that I'm going to snap one of these days and shoot up the school or just stab someone in RAEG, a la Luigi Largo. They're referring me to the counselor, who is probably going to call my parents, who are probably going to finally figure out that I have an entire self-written cache on of hardcore slash, one memorable fic being noncon snuff.

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