scytheweasel (scytheweasel) wrote in fml_fandom,

I'm a fan of DOGS. I'd been reading it on scan sites and finally decided to start buying it.

So I got my dad to take me to the bookstore taking advantage of his temporary-desperate-to-make-nice moment as we'd just had a nasty argument, where I found only one volume - the prologue. What else did I do but take it and pay for it with my own money.

And 'cause I'm a coffee addict, I asked him if we could go next door to the Starbucks. I got my drink, opened the top to sugar it, and meanwhile asked my dad to hold the manga - the countertop was kinda filthy.

I finished what I was doing, turned around, and saw my dad flipping through it, handing it back over, and openly criticizing the content, making one of those "Well, it doesn't look that bad... It doesn't look good, either" kinds of remarks. (Which in itself kind of irks me - you make it sound like it's poor quality for being on the mature side.)

That particular volume includes shirtless women, prostitutes, sex references, looooads of blood, and Heine and Badou being themselves speech-pattern-wise.

I got the manga, but not without being thoroughly judged for what I read. And plus he forbade my younger brother from reading it in his presence, anyway, like he can judge the content when I'm the one who actually read all of the thing. Which is a shame, because I know he'd like it.

FML. With a side of "Awk-waaaaard~"
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