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Jun. 11th, 2009


(no subject)

I'm a fan of DOGS. I'd been reading it on scan sites and finally decided to start buying it.

So I got my dad to take me to the bookstore taking advantage of his temporary-desperate-to-make-nice moment as we'd just had a nasty argument, where I found only one volume - the prologue. What else did I do but take it and pay for it with my own money.

And 'cause I'm a coffee addict, I asked him if we could go next door to the Starbucks. I got my drink, opened the top to sugar it, and meanwhile asked my dad to hold the manga - the countertop was kinda filthy.

I finished what I was doing, turned around, and saw my dad flipping through it, handing it back over, and openly criticizing the content, making one of those "Well, it doesn't look that bad... It doesn't look good, either" kinds of remarks. (Which in itself kind of irks me - you make it sound like it's poor quality for being on the mature side.)

That particular volume includes shirtless women, prostitutes, sex references, looooads of blood, and Heine and Badou being themselves speech-pattern-wise.

I got the manga, but not without being thoroughly judged for what I read. And plus he forbade my younger brother from reading it in his presence, anyway, like he can judge the content when I'm the one who actually read all of the thing. Which is a shame, because I know he'd like it.

FML. With a side of "Awk-waaaaard~"
Count D  *flails*


(no subject)

So recently a secret of mine made it into one the posts over on fandomsecrets .

It was about my love for a somewhat obscure pairing. I was pleased to see many people coming out in agreement and support of the pairing...

...until she posted her fic.

Apparently some of the only fic available for this pairing is written by this one person. The problem? I hate this girl with A BURNING PASSION. She is probably the only person I've come across in fandom that causes in me a blind rage every time I see her comment. And it had to be HER. SHE had to be the one who'd written this pairing that I loved. HER.

I cried "WHYYYYYYYY" to the heavens for a good five minutes.


Jun. 5th, 2009


(no subject)

I used to complain about slash pairings in my favorite fandom a lot. I'd mention "those scary yaoi fangirls", et cetera, and basically feel like I was so much better than them.
Of course I end up shipping a completely fucked-up, never-going-to-be-canon slash pairing.

Fuck my fandom life.

May. 27th, 2009

domino--by chuchan


(no subject)

So I just spent a good half-hour compiling interests for a new comm only to have LJ eat all of them because four were over the four word limit. FML

Shouldn't it just, you know, not post those four?

May. 24th, 2009

[Izaya] Lollipop


(no subject)

I showed my latest icon batch to a friend.  Friend points out this one.

Friend says: You do realize that the font you chose for the little yellow ED one looks like a dick right?

It was meant to look cute and match the font in the other one with Alphonse...  And I didn't even notice that I put a dick beside Edward's face.  At least it wasn't on the side with his open mouth?


May. 23rd, 2009

Ariel crying


(no subject)

Today, when I went I commented on a discussion, I re-read the whole of the comments and found the last poster was me, explaining the exact same thing in exactly the same way, exactly one month ago. Fmybrain.

May. 20th, 2009

[That 70s Show] Jackie - if i could...


(no subject)

A few months ago, I was talking to my younger sister about Sonic/Shadow slash. She wasn't saying anything, so I kept talking (and I was getting pretty inappropriate at this point). When she still didn't say anything, I turned around to walk away, and ran right into my dad. FML.

May. 18th, 2009



(no subject)

Today, I took a good look at everything I've gotten into, fandom-wise, and realized that every book, anime, manga, comic, TV show, or whatEVER that I've been really, really captivated by initially (and therefore joined the fandom for) has had an ending that either depressed me completely, pissed me off because either the story blew itself up or every character I ever liked DIED, or some nasty combination of both.

Fuck My fandom-related Life.
life dreams hope--by me


(no subject)

I spent months of time and a couple hundred dollars obsessing over a video game character and his expanded role in a retelling of the original game, finally get my hands on the new version, and found out that they took away the two major features that made him interesting.


I'll always have the originals anyway


(no subject)

Yesterday not one, but two people decided to troll an anon meme in my name(meaning that they signed up as me, with only a few differences in the name.), saything I hacked into my account. I had done a simaler thing, but now this was real. I have a feeling they think I'm doing it for attention when I'm not.

And I was trying to make myself a better image on the anon meme by laying low, and some GODDAMN TROLLS DECIDE TO UNDO ALL MY PROGRESS.



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